The Race

Ecotrail Funchal - Madeira Compressport

The concept/trademark Ecotrail is of great tradition in Paris, where the 9th edition took place this year. Funchal was the 4th European City to hold a race of this nature, which reveals the importance that such competitions have for the places where they are held, since it combines promotion and publicity of the place itself with that of the event.

Besides Funchal, the Ecotrail is held in Paris, Brussels, Oslo and Madrid, and new races are expected to materialize next year. The philosophy of this race is based on the recognition of accessibilities, on sustainable development, on solidarity and on culture. It is, therefore, a comprehensive concept that attempts to combine the sporting component and the ecological and environmental concern, which is materialised in a series of measures that are taken into consideration when organising the competition, but also after the event, for instance, by promoting an interventionist approach in terms of ecology (reforestation, requalification of green spaces, cleaning and recovery of paths) among other projects.

It should be stressed that in our particular case, the Ecotrail Funchal – Madeira Compressport highlights the unique characteristics of Madeira Island and of the City of Funchal, more precisely, in what concerns the environmental component and its natural beauty, as well as the ecological and sustained concern.

As in the previous year, the organization of the race is under the responsibility of DIÁRIO de Notícias Madeira, in close partnership with the Municipality of Funchal, co-organiser, and the aim is to bring into evidence the association of Funchal and of Madeira to the sports in nature and the trail running.

Another determining partner is the trademark Compressport, which gives the name to the race. Other partners have joined the project, and they are also of vital importance to the success of this initiative. They are as follows: Madeira Tourism, Enereem – Energias Renováveis (do Grupo Empresa de Electricidade da Madeira), the Sousa Group, the Pestana Group, Madeira Cable cars and Promerch.

Special reference should also be made to Pingo Doce, Blandy Travel, Madeira Medical Centre, Madeira Wine Company (Blandy Madeira) and Nos Madeira for their valuable contribution to the organization of our venture.